Flooring Cornwall - Furniture Linoleum

We supply and install Forbo Furniture Linoleum in Desktop and Walton Crocodiles, available in over twenty colours, to surface custom made benching, desks and worktops.  Forbo’s Furniture Linoleum is hardwearing at 2mm thick, easy to wipe clean and maintains it looks despite continuous use.  It has a tactile finish, is natural, is the perfect environmentally friendly choice and is anti-static. 

Forbo’s Furniture Linoleum has three layers: impregnated paper (Desk Top) or jute (Walton Crocodiles), linoleum granulate and a surface finish. The linoleum granulate consists of oxidised linseed oil and rosin, to which wood flour and pigments have been added. A calender is used to roll the linoleum granulate onto the impregnated paper or jute.  After drying, Furniture Linoleum is coated with a water-based, cross-linked acrylic finish that protects the surface while maintaining the special feel of linoleum.























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